Phil Slezak Real Estate

Do you want to make more money, have better personal life, actually have a Stress Free Real Estate Career?

Award Winning Real Estate Team…with an Overflow of Serious Prospects… Seeks Sales Professional SUPERSTARS Mined Agents Who Want to Make More Money and Have a LUCRATIVE Sales Career!

Only SERIOUS Agents need to inquire!
We Hire Personality Types, NOT backgrounds or Stats!!!

This is what Phil Slezak Real Estate offers you:

1: Leadership: Vision, support (coaching & training) with problem solving, and leadership who are leaders…that’s who we are and what we provide to all of our agents who come first in the new real estate movement. In our business, success and a high rate of pay go hand-in-hand. Nothing in this business stays the same and if you don’t have a systematized business approach, a proven methodology and support, making a living in real estate in the “new movement” is going to be very hard.

2: Leads: Agents need to prospect is the old real estate way and it still is being taught! This method of lead generation (trading time for money the hard way) has ruined more careers in our industry than any other single prospecting recommendation and we’ll NEVER do it or practice it. At AREA we are changing the Real Estate industry by generating over 300+ leads every month, then let our in-house sales team scrub the leads, set appointments then distribute them to our team.

3: Education: Agents are looking for direction to fine tune their skills and grow. The #1 most important thing that anybody that’s highly successful in any aspect…doesn’t matter if it’s Tiger Woods, whoever…they don’t rely on just themselves for that accountability. The top agents also understand the value of being provided specific training in the new and ever changing real estate industry. We assist you accomplish your goals through our extensive one-of-a-kind training.

4: Marketing System: We are constantly being told that the #1 thing that agents need to do, is to stay in touch with their sphere, past customers and to market yourself. Phil Slezak Real Estate offers unparalleled marketing knowledge, systems, technology, coaching support and tools to grow your business so you will begin succeeding immediately! Marketing is the #1 thing that our agents never need to worry about!!

5: Client Management: Marketing to their data base, most agents are very unorganized when it comes to managing their data and client info. You’ll be provided a FREE easy to use customized CRM+ system where leads are imputed for you by our administrative staff which in turn sends out automated marketing with tracking at zero cost to you. You’ll be able to locate your client data quickly and email communication to your clients are done from one system, not from all your email addresses.

6: Coaching/Training: We see many companies try to implement coaching/training programs, but NONE better than Phil Slezak Real Estate, You’ll have in-house weekly training, a 3-day Boot-camp to get you up to speed with the ever changing real estate industry. You’ll receive ongoing training not only from me but from some of the most sought after trainers in the world including a top nationwide coach whose team was in the top 2 with a national brand company closing over 450 transactions annually before he sold his business…you could be next!

7: Full Team Support: Instead of trying to be a tightrope specialist or a professional juggler, you’ll work with other members of our team which will enable you to focus solely on your task. We’ll reduce your administration tasks to get you focused on the tasks that makes you money – Lead Follow-Up, Signing Buyer Agency Agreements, Showing Homes, Writing Offers and Attending Closings. You’ll have a staff that will handle almost all of the administrative duties, the marketing, all the closing coordination and much more. Agents are working harder, but most are not working smarter. We can help you to work smarter! What can we take off your plate to give you more balance in your life? You’ll have laser focus on making money and give yourself more balance in your life?

8: Brand Awareness: The old ways that real estate companies want you to think, is that you have to work for a nationally company with brand awareness. This is so far from the truth!! Ask yourself, besides paying fees and etc. to a national company, what do they do for you? The best agents understand that the stronger the marketing that is done, the easier it is to do business. As Team Leaders, we bear all of the costs of marketing, advertising, lead generation and contract processing. We put a great deal of technology out there that you’ll be able to take advantage of.

9: Attitude: Agents want to work at an environment with a competent and positive work place. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than most and you will be able to maximize your results to make your mark, to strengthen the values, behaviors and culture that are core to your success.

10: You don’t have to be an experienced agent to join our team, BUT you must have the desire to do what it takes to become successful. We will show you how!