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The 7 Mostly Costly Mistakes Home Buyers are Making Today

Learn The Facts Behind What It Takes to Avoid 

The 7 Mostly Costly Mistakes Home Buyers are Making Today, and How Smart Home Buyers Like You Have a Smart Home Buying Strategy in Today’s NEW Real Estate Economy.

Any agent can help you buy a home, but only a Certified Home Buying Advisor can give you the protection, advice and direction you need to reap huge saving when buying your next home. The Average Frustrated Agent (AFA) just doesn’t have the knowledge and skillset to get you the absolute best home for your needs the way a Certified Home Buying Advisor can by using a Smart Home Buying Strategy. This report is unique in that no other document exists like it anywhere in the world. When you are done reading, you will have a thorough understanding of what separates an Expert Advisor from the Average Frustrated Agent and how those differences can mean thousands of dollars for you on your next home purchase. In this report, you will:
  • Why working with a Certified Home Buying Advisor is thruly the best way to buy a home in today’s new economy.
  • How to take advantage of the Home Equity Swing and why a Certified Home Buying Advisor gives you the best chance at doing so.
  • Why letting your real estate agent choose the properties you see puts you at a huge disadvantage when buying a home.
  • What it takes to successfully manage the 80+ variables associated with buying a home
  • Why you need a highly-trained team of specialists, rather than a single agent, to help you with your entire home purchase.
  • How a Certified Home Buying Advisor“‘ can negotiate to get you a better deal than either the Average Frustrated Agent could get for you or you could get for yourself.*
  • The truth about short sales and why they may be one of the best deals on the market today.
  • Why you should treat your home as an investment from the first day you start searching for it.
  • Why you should make sure you’re working with a true expert when buying your next home or be prepared to lose time and money if you don’t.
  • What mistakes to avoid with hiring an agent to help you with your purchase.
  • Where the best deals in your market are and how a Certified Home Buying Advisor“‘ can help you locate them before other buyers and agents do.
Did you know 68% of buyers are NOT satisfied with their real estate agents’ home buying process? We have identified over 80 different variables involved in the home buying process that can be proactively managed to ensure you find the perfect home, negotiated at the best price and terms.

The average home buying decisions that are made could cost homebuyers 10’s of 1000’s in unnecessary expenses.

Mismanaged variables across the home buying process can make this once in a lifetime opportunity a nightmare. This report shows you the advanced strategies for today’s home buyer. Don’t be the buyer that got out-smarted, out-bid, out-negotiated, or ripped off.

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