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Buyer Home Guaranteed Program

Get the home negotiated at the best price and terms.
Get the home negotiated at the best price and terms.

The average home buying decisions that are made... could cost homebuyers 10's of 1000's in unnecessary expenses.

7 Most Costly <br>Buyer Mistakes
7 Most Costly
Buyer Mistakes

Phil Slezak Real Estate Home Buying Strategy Reveals the 7 Costly Mistakes Home Buyers are Making Today and How Smart Home Buyers Get the Best Home at the Right Price with Phil's Team of Expert Advisors.

Certified Home
Buying Advisor

Phil Slezak Real Estate team of Certified Home Buying Advisors are Trained and must Pass a Yearly Test. A Certified Home Buying Advisor knows where the best deals in your market are and how CHBA can help you locate them before other buyers and agents do.

Home Buyer Guarantee

Phil Slezak Real Estate offers all its Buyers a Home Guarantee System that is Unmatched in Today's Real Estate Industry. It's very easy, when you purchase a home with Phil Slezak Real Estate, we will sell your home for free when you purchase your next home with Phil's Team!

Phil Slezak Real Estate Home Buying Strategy

A Certified Home Buying Advisor
Prides Himself/Herself on Securing the Hottest Deals for His/Her Clients.
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At Phil Slezak Real Estate, Excellence is our Standard and Customer Satisfaction is our Passion

Not all real estate agents are the same.  Sure, any of them can set you up on a generic MLS search and send you a ton of homes that “might” work for you. But there is a better way.  It’s call our “Smart Home Buying Strategy“, and it can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars when searching and purchasing your next home. We have identified over 80 variable in the home buying process, and missing one or more, or bad decisions here or there, can cost you thousands of dollars in current and future home ownership costs.  So our “Smart Home Buying Strategy” is designed to cover each of those variable with you to make sure you make well informed decisions and choices. Plus, why waste hundreds of hours searching through tons of homes that don’t even match your basic requirements and needs?  Our system is designed to get to the bottom of what is most important to you, and then only present to you those homes that will “float your boat”.  Once enrolled, our “Smart Home Buying Strategy” gives you priority access to all the listings that meet your criteria including Bank foreclosures, HUD homes, corporate owned homes, government owned homes, pre-foreclosure properties, probate and estate sales, court ordered sales, recent price reductions of 10% or more, and homes that aren’t even listed yet. This is a free service, and there is never any obligation whatsoever to buy or even look at a home.  Once you are entered, you will receive on a regular basis all the hottest listings and bargains, many even before most real estate agents know about them. So what about those 80 variables?  Well, here are just a few of the topics that you will receive guidance and advice on when in our system:
  • Expert Advice
    • Market Intelligence
    • Down Payment programs
    • Out of Pocket Expenses
    • … and more
  • Home Owner Responsibility
    • Current AND Future
  • The Home Equity Swing
    • Building equity on Day 1
    • Minimize Buyers Expenses
  • Finding the Ideal Home at the Right Price
    • Hidden Landmines
    • Lifestyle & Neighborhood Profiles
    • The “Unfair Advantage”
  • Negotiation & Offer Strategies
    • Seller Concessions
    • Multiple offers
  • The Closing
    • Potential Deal Killers
    • Lender Fees
    • Repairs
And much, much more. So, hopefully you can see that not all agents are the same.  It pays to use an expert in the home buying process.  Hire a Certified Home Buying Advisor.

The  7 MOST COSTLY MISTAKES Home Buyers are Making TODAY!!

Housing experts like Warren Buffett say now might be the best time in our history to buy a home. Smart home buyers are doing their research this time around. This insightful report released by the Phil Slezak Real Estate and NAEA, reveals the 7 Most Costly Mistakes Home Buyers are making today as well as a simple strategy to finding the best deals.

Mismanaged variables across the home buying process can make this once in a lifetime opportunity a nightmare. This report shows you the advanced strategies for today’s home buyer. Don’t be the buyer that got out-smarted, out-bid, out-negotiated, or ripped off.


Buy ANY Home with one of our Certified Home Buying Advisor, or work with one of my Meticulously Trained EXPERT ADVISOR Buyer Specialists and IF YOUR NOT 100% COMPLETELY HAPPY WITH YOUR PURCHASE, “WE’LL SELL IT FOR FREE!”*

Buying a home is a huge decision, one you literally have to live with! When you buy a home through Phil Slezak Real Estate, we’ll do whatever it takes to help you find the perfect home, one you’ll be happy with for years to come. Our experience and our consumer oriented programs provide you with numerous unique systems especially for our buyers which allow us to quickly zero in on exactly what you’re looking for and help you’ll beat out other buyers to the best new listings and homes not yet on the market.

We’ll go the extra mile for you, even AFTER you’ve purchased your home and moved in…

But know this; if you find that you’re LESS than happy after moving in, WE’RE NOT leaving you alone. We’ll stand by our representation and you decision to buy your home PLUS we’re willing to set ourselves apart from other agents by offering you our unique and unparalleled Buyer Protection Plan, through our Buyer Home Guarantee program. So, How Does This Work:
  1. If, for whatever reason, you want to move up or move down, We guarantee to sell your present home for FREE before you take possession of your next one. No gimmicks, no false promises, just long term accountability that you should expect from your real estate company.
  2. This means that when you buy your next home with our team of Expert Advisors highly trained professionals, and decide to use our “Buyer Home Guarantee,” you can do so knowing there’s a safety net under you completely protecting your investment.
  3. If you’re not 100% completely happy with your home purchase WE’LL SELL IT FOR FREE*!
Did you know 68% of Buyers are NOT satisfied with their real estate agents’ home buying process? We have identified over 80 different variables involved in the home buying process that can be proactively managed to ensure you find the perfect home, negotiated at the best price and terms. The average home buying decisions that are made, could cost homebuyers 10’s of 1000’s in unnecessary expenses. Phil Slezak Real Estate has “A Proven, Repeatable System Backed by Market Research to Find the Perfect Home, Negotiated at the Best Prices and Terms.”

If you’re not completely satisfied with our Certified Home Buying Advisor, you can cancel your Five Star Service agreement with
Phil's Team hassle-free.

We are rated in The Top 5% in client satisfaction in the real estate industry.

For the Certified Home Buying Advisor, it's not just about knowing what's for sale in the market place, it's about knowing the market inside and out and where to find the gems that make for the best deals with the best terms, based upon your specific criteria.



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